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germany-996527_960_720Looking to deliver a smarter results, more engaged driven meeting? From registration to ticketing to communicating and networking, mobile apps are changing the way people experience events. Implementing a successful event app will not only energize your attendees, but will delight them. Learn more about corporate and incentive travel company On The Vine here.


Here are some features to consider in your next event app:

  • Conference schedule
  • Alerts or updates
  • Downloadable session handouts and/or slides
  • Conference center “way-finding,” where you appear as a mark on a map
  • Integration with social media sites
  • Attendee-to-attendee messaging
  • User-generated content
  • Data and analytic information for exhibitors
  • SMS campaigns/push messages
  • Attendee polling
  • Attendee and speaker lists – personalize it with pictures
  • Search option
  • Hotel information
  • Local area guide – good potential for local sponsorship opportunities
  • Transportation information and/or schedules
  • Bump data sharing

On the Vine uses innovative tools to provide our clients with dynamic event solutions. Let us help increase the conversation surrounding your next event. Ask us about our customizable app!


Working in concert with a compatible app and Bluetooth enabled device, iBeacon’s short range, wireless devices create a different way of providing location based information and services. Meeting plannertravel incentive tipss and event organizers are utilizing this technology to enhance the attendee’s experience. Once a participant is in range of the device, iBeacon has the capability to recognize who you are, and automatically register you for your conference. It can include such information as a floor map, to help attendees navigate to different locations and easily find their next meeting or booth. Depending on your permission settings, the system can allow other attendees to know where you are, what you have registered for, or who may have registered for similar events.

In addition, meeting organizers can send targeted push notifications to specific groups of people or those who are about to approach a certain location within their event.

iBeacon can enhance your event in several ways. Here are some of the possibilities:

  • Service – In addition to a welcome push notification message, once an attendees enter into the designated area, iBeacon will facilitate their name badges to be printed prior to arrival at the registration desk.
    Two-way communication – iBeacon makes it easy to transmit pertinent information, such as contact or social media information, food and beverage preferences, or specific meeting room data.
  • Business Intelligence – Meeting planners will be able to track where attendees are spending most of their time. For example, how long did a participant spend at a particular booth, or is there a long wait to register.